For Single Moms on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate for most moms, but it can be bittersweet if you're a single mom. While many other moms can count on their husbands (or somebody) to make Mother's Day special, maybe you can't. Maybe there's no one there to make the day special for you. And maybe that hurts... a lot. 

As a single mom, I know what that's like. I know how it feels to wake up to no gifts, and no breakfast in bed. To see no thanks for the sacrifices I make for my children, who are too young to show appreciation without prompting. For me, this day is usually spent replying to "Happy Mother's Day" texts, while scrutinizing all the choices I made that led me here. Some years I cry on Mother's Day, and some years it's just another day full of bills, laundry, feedings, bath time, story time and bed time. This year when I felt the tears coming, I made a decision to change the trajectory of the day. I decided to celebrate Mother's Day for myself, my way.

Moms, the thing is, you don't need anyone to say they appreciate you in order for Mother's Day to be special. You gave life from your body. You carried a child inside you for nine months, and every day, you put that small person's needs before your own. You do what needs to be done, often times without any thanks, and you do it alone. You definitely deserve to be celebrated, and there's nothing wrong with being the one to lead that celebration.

Here are some low cost things you can do to celebrate yourself this Mother's Day:

1. Give yourself a pedicure.

Pedicures are extremely therapeutic. Since you're momming solo, you might not be able to get out by yourself to get a professional pedicure. The good news is you can do one yourself. All you need is a tub or a bucket filled with water, a nail file, a pumice stone, and some polish. The great news is that you can get all those things from the dollar store.

2. Go for a walk with the kids.

Slipping into the cycle of self loathing and sorrow becomes a little more difficult if you leave the house. Lace up your tennis shoes, and take a walk around the block with the kids, or head to the park and walk around there. 

3. Turn your phone off.

The Happy Mother's Day texts are awesome, or maybe they aren't. Don't be afraid to shut your phone off today in the name of self care. The messages will be there when you turn your phone on, and you can reply to them when you're in a good mood. 

4. Stream your favorite movie.

It is absolutely okay to get the kids occupied with toys or TV, and stream your favorite movie on computer or cell phone. Grab your favorite snack, curl up on the couch, and have some "you" time.


Happy Mother's Day to you! Do the best you can to say NO to sadness and guilt this Mother's Day. You're a great mom. You do more in a day than some people do in an entire week. And for those reasons, you're badass. Don't let anyone tell you different, not even yourself. 



NaChe Thompson