Mom vs Mom: 3 Topics Moms Go To War Over

Moms can be really hard on each other! Here are the three topics we throw the most mud over:

   1. Natural Birth vs Epidural

Moms love to talk about whether they had a natural birth or chose to take the anesthesia. Whichever choice you made, you risked your life to bring your little one into the world. You definitely deserve applause for that!

2. Working Mom vs Stay at Home Mom

Let’s be real, there is a lot of resentment among moms surrounding this topic. Stay at home moms tend to accuse working mothers of being negligent. Many of them feel that working moms do not devote as much quality time to their children as they should. Working moms tend to view stay at home moms as being unambitious and having no responsibilities outside of the home. All of that is nonsense. Both stay at home moms and working moms are awesome. They both make unbelievable sacrifices for their children, and should be supportive of one another.

3. Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding

Nothing starts an argument like this one. If formula feeders had a dollar for each time they were shamed for not breastfeeding, they’d likely be rich. Similarly, breastfeeding moms may be viewed negatively for going to great lengths to stick with breastfeeding. Whether you’ve formula fed your baby or breastfed your baby, your baby ate, and that’s what’s important.

Motherhood is super hard. How about we make an effort to stop making it harder for each other and to start working toward unity amongst moms. Let’s work on celebrating and encouraging each other instead of bashing each other for our choices.

NaChe Thompson