The 5 Worst Parts of Formula Feeding On the Go

1. Digging for the scooper.

If you’ve been carrying your formula container around, the scooper is likely buried under the powder formula. Digging around in your formula can means icky sticky fingers. Yuck!

Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to stick your hand in the formula can in public again? Let Nokï Baby Bottle Adapter rescue you.


Have you ever spilled formula in your bag? It’s super annoying to clean up. It sticks to everything!

It’s a good thing Nokï prevents spills!


3. Carrying around the huge formula tub

Your diaper bag is packed to capacity because that gargantuan tub of formula is taking up all the space. Lugging that thing around is a total pain.

If only there was a smaller solution… Wait, there is! Check out Nokï Baby Bottle Adapter on the SHOP page!

4. The balancing act

Want a challenge? Ever try holding a hungry, screaming baby while funneling formula into your bottles in public. It’s T-O-U-G-H.

5. The long process.

Here's how it goes:

Baby whines in hunger.

Pull big container of formula out of diaper bag.

Open bottles.

Pour clean water in bottles.

Find the formula scooper under a pile of sticky formula powder. Try to scoop without spills. Shake FOREVER. Feed baby (who has been crying the whole time).

This is the longest process ever, especially since your baby is likely crying the entire time. Nokï can eliminate most of these steps, making formula feeding in public way easier.

NaChe Thompson